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I am a hopeless romantic who will one day be swept of her feet by a white knight. Until then I will continue to write/read/review about alpha heroes. 

Belong To The Night (The Long Island Coven #2) - Shelly Laurenston, Cynthia Eden, Sherrill Quinn

I have always gone through stages of book reading. every couple of month a different genre will obsess me completely in my reading! 


Now is the time of the paranormal. All thanks to this book! 


Broken - Kelly Elliott

I bought this on Audiobook as a wildcard.. however I loved this. It was a perfect cowboy romance, with all the right amount of angst. Also to add to it, The voice of Layton was just pure southern charm..

Whitley, has just got out of an abusive relationship and Layton has issues with people leaving him. They were both damaged, but both fix each other in a very real journey filled with laughs, angst and hot sex..

5 stars

Own Her

Own Her - Jenika Snow Own her is a MFMM Sci-fi Romance set about three warriors of Hades claiming their mate. They are devil like in appearance with red skin and black eyes, and leathery wings. McKenna is their chosen mate, she is a hybrid human, and also a ice blue colouring.

So as you can imagine it is very colourful and what I like about Jenika Snow's series about the warriors is that it is so very original. Mckenna is enslaved by a controlling Master who is also her father. She doesn't know any difference except the inside of her masters 'castle'. The gentle warriors buy her from her master and then plan to seduce her.

This book is HOT! MFMM scenes, I've noticed, in some novels can be a bit like.. whose arm is in what face... but Jenika handles the sex scenes extremely well and doesn't leave you think.. what did I just read?

What I loved about this book was the glance into the domestic life of our Heroes. So a sci-fi book has to deal with slightly weird beings, and MFMM has to deal with believable chemistry between all four, but that little glimse of domestic bliss here and there is a nice reflection of Mckenna's life before her warriors and after, living a simple but happy life.

Overall, 5 out of 5 stars.will definitely buy from Jenika Snow again... and again.


Thunderstruck - Kendall Grace Genre : - Contemporary Romance, Native American
Would I read more by this author? - Yes
Rating - 10/10
HEA - Yes!

Jo Montgomery is looking for a big change in a quiet town after her publicised divorce from her senator ex-husband. she buys a house that she has never seen, that requires a bit of TLC.

Out of curiosity, her neighbour Silent Hawk Stephens, a horse breed and local celebrity, visits the towns new resident, Jo. A few signs he notices from his Apache beliefs and Hawk knows that he has found The One. Of course, getting Jo to realise this may be more difficult than he first thought. then a possible tragedy interferes with an already fragile relationship.

This contemporary erotic romance was a great quick read. I have a bit if an obsession lately with Native American Themes in both contemporary and Historical novels, so this was perfect. I loved that the author included part of the belief system of the Apache.

At the beginning I felt that Jo was quite a weak person, and as a fan of strong willed females wasn't very happy with her, however it was satisfying to see that as the book progressed she became stronger, and more importantly realised that she loved him.

Hawk was just perfect. Although a little be keen with Jo so very early on in the book, due to his beliefs, he was every part a 'Jo whisperer'- see what I did there- and won the girl in the end.

Although parts of the book were predictable, the romance was believable and the sex was very steamy. I liked that Jo did have doubts to start and didn't jump straight into a relationship.

Of course, there were plenty of obstacles to put a barrier between the two lovers ( family, ex-husband and job commitments) and the drama was tension-filled without being over the top.

In conclusion, a great read, and definitely one author I will be watching out for.

The Alpha's Toy

The Alpha's Toy - Sam Crescent A few years ago I was obsessed with werewolf romance, but I pretty much exhausted the genre. I thought that I didn't have any left, but lo and behold, Sam Crescent pulls through.

It's a great addition to the genre and I loved it

Tarnished Rose of the Court

Tarnished Rose of the Court - Amanda McCabe With the completion of this book marks the 1000th book in goodreads since joining and the completion of my goodreads challenge this year. Go me!

This book was great! Everything in this book, from the romance, danger, sex, historical context and plot was perfect storm for me. I loved it and the perfect book to finish my challenges!!

Well done Mrs McCabe

Rule's Property

Rule's Property - Lynda Chance Perfect alpha possessive yummyness!!!!

Highlander's Embrace

Highlander's Embrace - Amy Isan When the Laid of Clan McKenzie is assassinated, his son Gavin, leaves his home in search of the King of Scotland, for help in seeking revenge against the rival Clan, the MacDonald's. Gavin believed that the McDonald's are guilty of slaughtering his father out of revenge for the kidnapping of their daughter, Elyn.

Along the way to see the King, Gavin comes across Elyn. She doesn't know who she is and neither does Gavin, however they band together to see the King, to plead for the McKenzie clan, and Elyn's family, who have been held hostage.

However, much more sinister plots are unravelling by the page as Elyn and Gavin fight for country, honour and Love...

This highlander novel was not like most I've read. For one, the heroine, Elyn, is a flame-haired, feisty chick who's very willing to go into battle, especially to save the ones she loves. she doesn't care about doing hard work or looking filthy. On the other side, the hero was not very confident, he believes that everything was his fault pretty much most of the book, and then finds his fight. That being said, both characters were very flawed, and therefore much more realistic.

The romance between the couple was nice.. not a bad thing, but i did feel in places it lacked passion.

The story was a delight to read, very imaginative and I liked how the author used fictional characters as well as incorporating the real life King.

4/5 stars

The Gladiator's Honor

The Gladiator's Honor - Michelle Styles

This story takes place in a villa in ancient Rome at the time of Julius Ceaser. Julia, relative of Ceaser, divorced her creepy husband Lucius because he abused her. This was quite a scandal!! Back living with her disappointed father and step mother, Julia all but waits for something to make her feel alive..

Enter Valen. A Sexy, tortured, honourable, Muscled Gladiator...


He has been sent to stay with Julia's Family whilst the Arena Games in Rome are being prepared. Having been a gladiator for 5 years, he is destined to fight his last fight as a slave in the arena, with liberty within his reach he doesn't need to distractions.

Julia is drawn toward the brawny brute, and the forbidden passion he invokes with her.

Through a series of challenging events, dangerous ex-husbands and interfering friends and family, this delightful historical romance was one of the best I've read in a long time. Erotic Romance from Ancient Rome is becoming a bit of an obsession of mine and this did not disappoint.

The characters were engaging and the story line imaginative. I especially liked the gripping gladiatorial fights!

Overall, styles does a great job of keeping the reader engaged to the very end. This is a great book for anyone who like their Romance Erotica light hearted and vanilla.

Conflicted Love

Conflicted Love - Lola Stark Although this book wasn't half as funny as Tattered Love, it was very good. I liked how Trip was very protective of her.. plus we got all the characters from the last book. as sequels go very good.

The Edge of Never

The Edge of Never - J.A. Redmerski This book was about Camryn and Andrew's road trip. they both found each other on a bus, both running from something.. camryn was sick the monotony of life and i an incident involving her best friend, she decide to run away. on the bus she meets Andrew. Andrew is on the bus but for very different reasons. He's going home to see his sick father. They begin a journey which changes them both dramatically.

Camryn had been through a lot, dead love of her life and a skittish best friend and a whole world who just doesn't understand her. Enter Andrew. Tattooed, playboy, with a guitar.. yummy.. also tortured so double yummy.

So for Andrew it's pretty much love at first sight.. his alpha male can't wait to beat down the local scum bag for looking twice at his girl. whilst Camryn is very much reserved due to deciding she should never fall in love again.

They road trip is about having new experiences and living life to the fullest, and falling in love along the way.

I liked the overall pace of the book and i liked the culture references, and the songs choices. Redmerski, describes the locations they visit very well and i do feel almost like i was there. The characters were very likable. A good, enjoy, though provoking novel.

lets hope there is more to come from Redmerski and especially those Parrish brothers...

best quote: You two were meant to be together. It's like some wicked fucking fairytale love story that you just can't make up, y'know?

Embracing Silence

Embracing Silence - N.J. Walters This series is about super soldier's created with the mind of a computer. The company created them to obey, however they became resistant and escaped.

This story is about Tienan. A few month prior to this story he escaped with Logan whose story is told in the next instalment 'Have Mercy'

In order to stay alive Tienan has kept moving over the city, staying out of sight. For the last few days, someone has been following him. Luring her into a trap, Tienan, kidnapped Silence.

And so begins a story of two slightly broken people who fall hard in love.

I liked Tienan's Alpha attitude. He was tough as nails and very protective of Silence. He also had major flaws, one being the ability to kidnap Silence very well. Silence was a great character, she was nifty at getting out of chairs that she was tied to.. well almost.

The only part I wasn't too fond on was Tienan's 'love' for Kathryn Piedmont. It made up for some jealousy and heartbreak for Silence, but other than that she wasn't mentioned again.

recommended for those with a love of Hot Alpha Males..

Fifty Shades Darker

Fifty Shades Darker  - E.L. James Please check out my other reviews at:


The intense second instalment in the Fifty Shades series is just as great as the first. In the end of the last book we see Ana leaves Christian. She's Scared of him and what he his capable of. She's also afraid that he can't love her. Understandable.. he is fifty shades of fcuked up.

In Fifty Shades Darker, Ana and Christian resume their 'relationship' on the promises of "more". When Ana leaves something clicks in Christian and he can't bear for her to be away from him. Then a new threat of an Ex Sub, Leila, ruins was very little peace they had. He's overprotective and overbearing and at times heartbreaking.

It's quite surprising how much of this story is everyday situations made extraordinary by both Christian, his wealth and his reactions to Ana's 'disobedience', for example, she wants to go to New York for a work related trip, he orders the company to stop employees at that level go. Considering he just bought the company... that she work's at.. not a coincidence.

My Favourite part is in chapter 13 and 14. Christian has just subdued Leila. Ana comes to the conclusion that he enjoyed still having power of Leila, and maybe he does. Ana sees dominant Christian in all his glory and second guesses his ability to not hurt her in the future. She tries to express her feelings, but he feels she about to leave him again and he breaks. He becomes a bit of a husk. It's quite awful to read really. he's such an opposing character... and that's when I fell in love with the character of Christian Grey.

Of course, my other favourite part is Christian's birthday party. the Lemon Martini thrown all over Elena.. at Last!!!

I would recommend this to Hopeless Romantics and those in the mood to be blown away by such an intense book.


Acheron - Sherrilyn Kenyon After I had read the reviews for Acheron, it took me a while to read this book. In fact, I had read the previous Dark Hunter books earlier this year, but was afraid of this book. I have read 'The League' series, and the last one 'Born of Silence' was horrifically graphic.

This stuck in my mind because of the awful torture scenes. Sherrilyn Kenyon loves a tortured bad boy. I love em too.. just not that far gone. If you haven't read Born of Silence, I fully recommend it, just not for the faint if heart.

With Acheron, I expected to feel disgusted with the first half of the book. I didn't. I felt sad and overwhelmed at the amount of times poor Acheron got beat, and she didn't hold anything back. A few times I was reading the book so fast, trying to get past a truly horrific scene, whilst my hand was over my mouth in shock.

She left plenty to the imagination ( thank God.. or is that Zeus) but it was readable. I especially liked how Sherrilyn used Ryssa's voice for the first part of the book and of course, explain the whole process of the Dark Hunter's, why they were needed. I finally understood Acheron and Artemis' relationship, and the full extent of his humility, morality and honour.

The second part of the book is Acheron's chance at an HEA.. after everything that had happened I felt that this was perfect. Tori, was perfect. She had brains, beauty, humour, quirkiness and spunk. She stood up to him; she stood by him. She reacted perfectly for a man who had every person betray him. I loved her...

This book was not what I was expecting, it was far better. Thanks Sherrilyn.

Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey  - E.L. James I waited until Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed was out till I started this. I was glad I did. This book is everywhere right now, and sometimes with things that are so hyped up, they don't live up. (Breaking Dawn)

However Fifty Shades of Grey did. I was expecting a pervert who was cold and wanted order, I didn't expect Christian Grey. Now that's not to say he's my new book Boyfriend at the present time, but slowly I'm warming up to him. I get that he is emotionally and physically scarred, but still his moods give me whiplash. It's rare to find a character with so much depth, and boy does he have plenty to spare.

When I read the contract Ana was given by Mr Grey, I admit I was a bit shocked at it's crudeness. Not the usual thing one finds in my romance stories. in addition to this, I had heard this was 'mommy porn'. I was imagining all sorts of scenario's and I was blushing. Turn's out I worried for nothing.

Personally after reading the contract I would have run.. far far away, But that wouldn't make a very good Story, now would it? Ana's responses to his 'demands' are perfect, she is the 'sane' one after all. She is highly spirited with all the insecurities that I think someone in her shoes would have. Towards the end I was starting to like that Mr Grey was slowly becoming unravelled by Ana.

E L James has written an engaging, enigmatic novel that I loved, with character's with so much depth that it was hard to not like them. I'm glad that I bought all three books and waited because I would have been very impatient if I had to have waited God knows how long for the next instalment. Five Stars...

Leaving Paradise

Leaving Paradise - Simone Elkeles Now that I've read this a second time.. I love it even more...