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Thunderstruck - Kendall Grace Genre : - Contemporary Romance, Native American
Would I read more by this author? - Yes
Rating - 10/10
HEA - Yes!

Jo Montgomery is looking for a big change in a quiet town after her publicised divorce from her senator ex-husband. she buys a house that she has never seen, that requires a bit of TLC.

Out of curiosity, her neighbour Silent Hawk Stephens, a horse breed and local celebrity, visits the towns new resident, Jo. A few signs he notices from his Apache beliefs and Hawk knows that he has found The One. Of course, getting Jo to realise this may be more difficult than he first thought. then a possible tragedy interferes with an already fragile relationship.

This contemporary erotic romance was a great quick read. I have a bit if an obsession lately with Native American Themes in both contemporary and Historical novels, so this was perfect. I loved that the author included part of the belief system of the Apache.

At the beginning I felt that Jo was quite a weak person, and as a fan of strong willed females wasn't very happy with her, however it was satisfying to see that as the book progressed she became stronger, and more importantly realised that she loved him.

Hawk was just perfect. Although a little be keen with Jo so very early on in the book, due to his beliefs, he was every part a 'Jo whisperer'- see what I did there- and won the girl in the end.

Although parts of the book were predictable, the romance was believable and the sex was very steamy. I liked that Jo did have doubts to start and didn't jump straight into a relationship.

Of course, there were plenty of obstacles to put a barrier between the two lovers ( family, ex-husband and job commitments) and the drama was tension-filled without being over the top.

In conclusion, a great read, and definitely one author I will be watching out for.