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I am a hopeless romantic who will one day be swept of her feet by a white knight. Until then I will continue to write/read/review about alpha heroes. 

Highlander's Embrace

Highlander's Embrace - Amy Isan When the Laid of Clan McKenzie is assassinated, his son Gavin, leaves his home in search of the King of Scotland, for help in seeking revenge against the rival Clan, the MacDonald's. Gavin believed that the McDonald's are guilty of slaughtering his father out of revenge for the kidnapping of their daughter, Elyn.

Along the way to see the King, Gavin comes across Elyn. She doesn't know who she is and neither does Gavin, however they band together to see the King, to plead for the McKenzie clan, and Elyn's family, who have been held hostage.

However, much more sinister plots are unravelling by the page as Elyn and Gavin fight for country, honour and Love...

This highlander novel was not like most I've read. For one, the heroine, Elyn, is a flame-haired, feisty chick who's very willing to go into battle, especially to save the ones she loves. she doesn't care about doing hard work or looking filthy. On the other side, the hero was not very confident, he believes that everything was his fault pretty much most of the book, and then finds his fight. That being said, both characters were very flawed, and therefore much more realistic.

The romance between the couple was nice.. not a bad thing, but i did feel in places it lacked passion.

The story was a delight to read, very imaginative and I liked how the author used fictional characters as well as incorporating the real life King.

4/5 stars