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I am a hopeless romantic who will one day be swept of her feet by a white knight. Until then I will continue to write/read/review about alpha heroes. 

Embracing Silence

Embracing Silence - N.J. Walters This series is about super soldier's created with the mind of a computer. The company created them to obey, however they became resistant and escaped.

This story is about Tienan. A few month prior to this story he escaped with Logan whose story is told in the next instalment 'Have Mercy'

In order to stay alive Tienan has kept moving over the city, staying out of sight. For the last few days, someone has been following him. Luring her into a trap, Tienan, kidnapped Silence.

And so begins a story of two slightly broken people who fall hard in love.

I liked Tienan's Alpha attitude. He was tough as nails and very protective of Silence. He also had major flaws, one being the ability to kidnap Silence very well. Silence was a great character, she was nifty at getting out of chairs that she was tied to.. well almost.

The only part I wasn't too fond on was Tienan's 'love' for Kathryn Piedmont. It made up for some jealousy and heartbreak for Silence, but other than that she wasn't mentioned again.

recommended for those with a love of Hot Alpha Males..