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I am a hopeless romantic who will one day be swept of her feet by a white knight. Until then I will continue to write/read/review about alpha heroes. 

Loving Lies

Loving Lies - Lora Leigh I'm a big fan of Alpha Males. All the testosterone... yum yum!

This story is about Slade. He's in love with Jessie for the past few years. His testosterone filled arrogance makes him believe that Jessie is his and so over the course of one weekend brands her with every aspect of him. Then he up sticks and leaves.

Jessie, believing the rumours that he's in love with another women find solace in another man, Jazz.

After 5 years Slade returns after the death of his wife. He's Back for Jessie and nothing will get in his way of claiming her...

I LOVED this book. Lora Leigh has a great writing style and more importantly a great imagination. Slade's great bulging attitude takes over the story and Jessie's life. Definitely a larger than life character. A likeable Heroine with enough balls to stand up to even Slade's alpha attitude....