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I am a hopeless romantic who will one day be swept of her feet by a white knight. Until then I will continue to write/read/review about alpha heroes. 

The Fault in Our Stars

The Fault in Our Stars - John Green Ok, so I watched the film first before reading the book, but for once in a long time I just wanted to not completely know the ending.

I loved the film. I could very easily sobbed, screamed and thrown a complete tantrum. Amazing. So naturally I thought I'd read the book. I am glad that I watched the film first.

Don't get me wrong the book is just as amazing, which I find so rare. I'm always saying "the book was better"

John Green has captured something so rare in a book. Although this book is predominantly about dying, it's kind of had the opposite affect on me. It made me feel so much and some things weren't always positive, BUT I have never felt so much in one book before. To me that is a sign of a good book.

I am honestly disgusted by some of the reviews on here where people have been cyber bullied. Seriously, are you freaking kidding me. People opinions are their own, not everyone will like this book. Get over yourselves.

Rant over..

Ok good book, recommend to everyone that wants to feel so much...