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I am a hopeless romantic who will one day be swept of her feet by a white knight. Until then I will continue to write/read/review about alpha heroes. 

Devil of the Highlands

Devil of the Highlands - Lynsay Sands Evelinde, the heroine of the story would do anything to get away from her cruel stepmother. Even marry the devil of the highlands.

This thing I loved about this story was the hero and the heroine constantly kept making blunders and mistakes. if they would just say what they thought, everything would have been sorted by page 15.

The Heroine believes the rumours about him and so believes the absolute worst in him the entire way through. To some extent Duncan believes his own rumours and thinks she couldn't love him.

Evelinde is a very child like character, and though this is possibly my own opinion, but reminded me a lot of Katherine from Anya Setons book of the same name. what I mean is they are both naive of the world around them and very innocent. until it comes to the men they love.

A great story with great characters.